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In romance, there’s nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who has dignity and pride in who she is.”
“There’s nothing more prized to a man than something he had to wait for, work for, or strugle a little bit to get.”

“With a woman he’s crazy about, he’ll put in all the overtime in the world.
 He’ll be doing things for you, he’ll be considerate, he’ll want to please you, he’ll try to cheer you up if you are down, and he will enjoy every moment because you are the person he values most.”
He doesn’t marry a woman who is perfect. He marries the woman who is interesting.”
“When a man likes you, he will be interested in finding out what you like. If he makes you happy, he feels more secure. Everything men do is intended to impress women.”
“Be an independent thinker at all times, and ignore anyone who attempts to define you in a limiting way.”
“The bitch does not stop moving to her own rhythm. This, in and of itself, prevents her from becoming off-balance like a nice girl who abandons her routine.”
The more independent you are of him, the more interested he will be.”
“He must feel that you choose to be with him, not that you need to be with

“Because of his hormones, he only has three emotions: crabby, hungry, horny.”
“Anytime a woman competes with another woman she demeans herself.”
“When you nag, you become the problem, an he deals with it by turning you out, but when you dont nag, he deals with the problem.”
“Once you start laughing, you start healing.”
“Most women are starving to receive something from a man that they need to give to themselves”
“Before sex, a man isn’t thinking clearly and a woman is thinking clearly. After sex, it reverses. The man is thinking clearly and a woman isn’t.”
You can get away with saying much more with humor than you can with a straight face”
“If you allow your rhythm to be interrupted, you’ll create a void. Then to replace what you give up, you’ll start to expect and need more from your partner.”
“For a woman the objective is often a committed relationship also known as the destination. For a men roadtrip on the way to the destination is often the more fun.”
sherry argov.why men marry bitches

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