Many of us don’t think of ourselves as salespeople. 
But in reality, we all are. We’re constantly selling our ideas, our beliefs and our way of doing things to other people.

 In other words, Everyone Sells!
 Selling is important not only to the professional salesman but also to every parent, professional or entrepreneur.

 You've Been Selling since You Were a Kid!

How many “no’s” are you willing to take before you give up the sale?

Remember when you were 7 years old, in line with your mother at the supermarket and asked, “Mom, can I have this candy bar?” 

That was a closing question if there ever was one.

“No,” she replies. You, the master salesman, ignore the first “no” and respond, “Please, can I have the candy bar.” 

Mom is a bit put off by now; with her mind preoccupied with the grocery tab says, “I said NO!” No number two is now safely out of the way, and you respond, “Aw, come on, PLEASE!”

Now the momma–prospect is emphatic. “Absolutely NO” she thunders no number three. (Sometimes she will actually spell it out N–O.) No number three is now out of the way, time to move in for the kill. 

Let’s try to find out what the objection is here. 
“Why can’t I have a candy bar, mom?” This is a classic example of a direct
question going straight at the real reason for the first three “no’s”.
 How did you learn these sales skills so early in life?

“Because it’ll spoil your dinner,” she responds, true to form. 

Now is your big chance. Overcome this objection (the fourth put–off), and it’s in the bag (the grocery bag, that is).
 “No it won’t, mom, I promise to eat it AFTER dinner,” you reply in your most sincere tone.

 She’s on the ropes now, about to cave in, but being the true sales reluctant prospect, she isn’t going to just cave in. “Well, I don’t know,” she weakly states the fifth negative response.

You see your opening and immediately bellow, “PLEASE!” in that endearing kid mixture of song and whine. “OK,” she says, “But don’t you dare eat it until after dinner.”

VICTORY! You made the sale and it only took 5 no’s to get it.

 You were prepared to go at least 10. Possibly risk a hit or two on the butt, and in some cases actually throw a fit in public.

You’re Selling When You:

•  Cried out for milk as a toddler when you’re hungry.

•  Got your mom to give you money for ice cream.

  Faked being sick to stay home from school.

•  Pleaded your case to get an increase in allowance.

•  Convinced your mom you didn’t eat the cookies.

•  Persuaded mom to sleepover at your friends.

  Convinced your parents to take you to Disneyworld.

•  Received approval to stay out past curfew.

•  Asked out the prettiest girl in the class on a date.

•  Convinced your teacher to allow extra credit.

•  Made the referee believe it wasn’t you who committed the foul.

•  Got the college of your choice to accept you.



Restaurants sell food,stores sell clothing,lawyers sell legal services,girl Scouts sell cookies.

But beyond the obvious:
 -  Employers sell employees on the value of showing up for work and doing a good job.

  - Employees sell employers on the idea of providing raises and promotions

   -Parents sell children on the idea of being good and going to bed early

  - Children sell parents on the idea of letting them have candy and stay up late

 -  Teachers sell students on the value of sitting still and paying attention

 -  Spiritual leaders sell their followers on the benefits of leading a good life and following the rules

  -  Charitable organizations sell their contributors on the idea of supporting their organization

Whether you’re selling a product, a service, an idea, and most importantly when you’re selling yourself, everybody sells something.

Just as a company must focus daily on selling its products or services to survive and prosper, an individual must sell others on their ideas to get what they want. 


   The golden rule for every business man is  this:  

http://frasidivertenti7.blogspot.it/2014/10/albert-einstein-frasi-celebri.html http://frasidivertenti7.blogspot.it/2014/10/marilyn-monroe-le-sue-frasi-piu-belle.html



One day, young Henry Ward Beecher was questioned by his literature teacher, whom asked him to repeat in front of the whole class a poem explained during the previous lesson. Hesitant, but aware he had studied hard, young Beecher stood in front of his class mates and began to talk.

Just at the time he pronounced the first verses of the poem, a categorical “NO” punctuated by his severe teacher, echoed between the walls of the classroom. Frightened, young Beecher started again, but again came the terrible “NO”, humiliated, Henry stopped and sat down with his eyes fixed on his desk.

Questioned by the teacher, a second boy, John, stood up to recite the same poem, as soon as the boy started talking, the teacher shouted a resounding “NO”.  Beecher’s classmate, however, continued reciting the poem till the end. Then he sat back down, the teacher satisfied said: “Very good!”

Henry, irritated, complained to the teacher: “It is not fair, I have recited the same verses as John”

The literature teacher, not surprised, responded to young Beecher:
 “It is not enough to know the lesson, Henry, you have to be sure of your preparation. 
When you let me stop you, you did it because you were not sure about being prepared enough. 
If the world yells at you “NO”, it is your duty to answer “YES”, and show your skills”

Young Henry that day, learned a lesson that accompanied him for the rest of his life and made him one of the most important founding fathers of the United States of America.


When the world tells you “NO”
Along your life you’ll get thousands of “NO’s”
NO!   You can not do it!
NO! You are wrong!
NO! You’re too old!
NO! You’re too young!
NO! You’re  too weak!
NO! It will never work!
NO! You have no titles!
NO! You do not have the experience!
NO! You do not have enough money!
NO! You can not do it!

At times, this “NO” will be shouted form your parents, your teachers, the entire world. Sometimes you will say it to yourself in your mind. And each one of these “NO’s” will erode a bit of your self-esteem, until you decide to give up, get back on the safe road and live the life of the average man. But there is an alternative…

Your daily exercise in order to have self-esteem steel
Every time the world yells at you “NO!”
 you will answer to it: “Yes, and I will prove it!”




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